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Pennant is the magazine of the Forces Pension Society and is published bi-annually and it is free to all FPS members. Pennant is an entertaining mix of articles about life in the Forces, news, opinions and views, member’s feedback, and much more.

November 2016 edition

  • p6 Editorial.
  • p8 Sir Hew Strachan, an international authority on defence, talks exclusively to Pennant.
  • p12 How Prince Louis Napoleon of France met his death in the British Army.
  • p14 FPS 2016 Christmas card selection.
  • p15 A whole new meaning to leg stump. A very curious cricket match of the early 19th century.
  • p16 Act of Faith – the wonder that is the Italian Chapel in the Orkneys.
  • p18 The Battle of Jutland from an eyewitness’s perspective.
  • p20 The Chinese Cemetery at Noyelles sur Mer in France.
  • p22 Dressed to Kill. How the military has influenced fashion.
  • p24 Bangladesh – as seen first hand by ex-Council member Catherine Spencer.
  • p27 Zeppelin – the impact of airships in the First World War.
  • p30 Annigoni – painter of the defining portrait of Her Majesty the Queen.
  • p32 Fancy training Kazhak troops? Read on.
  • p36 Establishing the Palestinian version of Sandhurst.
  • p38 Writing your wartime memoirs? Pen and Sword can help.
  • p40 The General Secretary talks of pensions battles old and new.
  • p44 Census – The Royal British Legion’s latest campaign to tackle the visibility of ex-servicemen.
  • p46 Party of the Year. The Society’s 70th Anniversary celebration at the House of Lords.
  • p48 The new staff at Vauxhall.
  • p50 Somme 100 – The battle brought to life on our railway stations.
  • p52 The Armed Forces Art Society – who knew we could paint so well?
  • p56 The much anticipated FPS Christmas Prize Quiz. Try your hand.
  • p58 Stichelton Cheese – proving that making cheese is no longer solely the domain of the French.
  • p62 The Politics of Trekking in the Nagorno-Karabakh.
  • p65 Walking to Jerusalem. From Gibraltar that is …
  • p65 FPS Merchandise
  • p70 FPS Members’ Small Ads and Notice Board Announcements.
  • p74 Member Services.
  • p78 Book reviews.

Read the latest digital issue of Pennant here, with a video introduction from Editor & General Secretary, John Pitt-Brooke CB.