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Front cover of May 2017 Pennant

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Pennant is the magazine of the Forces Pension Society and is published bi-annually and it is free to all FPS members. Pennant is an entertaining mix of articles about life in the Forces, news, opinions and views, member’s feedback, and much more.

May 2017 edition

  • p6 Editorial
  • p8 The New National Army Museum
  • p12 What a Difference a Year Makes
  • p14 Charlotte’s Story
  • p19 Think Before you Sign
  • p20 The Telegram That Changed the Course of the First World War
  • p22 Still Telling Laura
  • p24 The Man From El Dorado
  • p28 Figureheads Restored
  • p30 A Random and Arbitrary Injustice
  • p32 Words of War
  • p35 More Than Just Pensions
  • p36 The Stories of Two Princesses
  • p38 Debris of War
  • p40 All in a Week’s Work
  • p42 And Statisitcs
  • p44 The Tiger of Mysore
  • p48 The Spring Quiz
  • p52 A Stairway to Heaven
  • p56 Gigha Halibut
  • p58 Pruning your Evergreens
  • p62 Long Live the King
  • p67 Merchandise
  • p69 Member Offers
  • p69 Members’ Small Ads
  • p74 Member Notices
  • p78 Book reviews

Read the latest digital issue of Pennant here, with a video introduction from Editor & General Secretary, John Pitt-Brooke CB.