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FBU take on Government over inclusion of McCloud remedy costs within 2016 scheme valuation

The Fire Brigades’ Union (FBU) are challenging the Government’s decision to include the costs of the McCloud remedy within the 2016 scheme valuation.

This has a read across to Armed Forces Pensions (and all other “reformed public service schemes”) as AFPS15 members are effectively bearing the McCloud remedy costs within the 2016 valuation.

For AFPS15, loading in the McCloud costs has meant that the costs control mechanism (CCM) no longer triggers a benefit improvement for members.

This has been talked about by us previously on social media and our website - you can read the back story here and if you're a Member of the Society you will find info on this in the latest edition of Pennant magazine which is out today 5 November!

This short article from Pensions Age Magazine explains a little more

The Government has until 19th November to respond to the FBU.

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