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Defence Business Services Veterans UK Customer Satisfaction Results 2021

Defence Business Services (DBS) Veterans UK have published their annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Results which includes Armed Forces Pensions.

This report summarises the key findings and results from the Veterans UK Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021.

The survey report covers:

  • War Pension Scheme
  • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
  • Armed Forces Pension Scheme
  • Veterans Welfare Scheme
  • Defence Transition Service
  • Satisfaction with claims and appeals
  • Communications
DBS Veterans Customer Satisfaction Results 2021 - GOV.UK

The purpose of the survey was to ask customers about their experiences when using DBS/Veterans UK services and to help inform how they can use the feedback to make improvements. The survey was available to any Veterans UK customer.

You can read the full report here

Source: Ministry of Defence: All content is available under the OGLv3.0, © Crown copyright

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