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Question of the Week

How much do you know about the Resettlement Grant?

Does the Resettlement Grant (RG) need to be spent on resettlement courses or training?

No. The RG* is a tax-free lump sum intended to help Regular Service personnel settle into civilian life.  There is no stipulation as to what you can spend it on BUT you need to remember that there are breaks in service to be observed and, if you take up another military post too quickly, you might have to repay some or all of your RG.

*The RG is payable to personnel who give a certain number of years paid service and leave with preserved AFPS 75 or AFPS05 pensions, or deferred AFPS 15 pensions.  The terms ‘preserved pension’ and ‘deferred pension’ both mean the same thing – you cannot claim them until a later date! 

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