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Back by popular demand! Our ‘Question of the Week’ returns

Back in March we promised to repeat our ever popular Question of the Week series, where we give answers to simple, topical questions covering Armed Forces Pensions.

We continue to try to cover questions for those serving and those who are retired, but since we have had heard some confusion around the Resettlement Grant, let’s kick off with…

I’m not sure if I qualify for a Resettlement Grant? And if I do, how much is it, and does it have to be used for resettlement courses or training?

So, let’s break this down…

Who qualifies for a Resettlement Grant?

Personnel who have served a minimum of 12 years’ reckonable service, or 9 years’ reckonable service for commissioned ranks on AFPS 75, but have not reached an Immediate Pension Point (IPP) or Early Departure Payment (EDP) point. If an individual qualifies for an immediate pension, ill-health pension or EDP, they do not qualify for a Resettlement Grant.

Does the Resettlement Grant have to be used on resettlement courses or training?

No. The Resettlement Grant is a tax-free lump sum intended to help Regular Service personnel settle into civilian life. There is no stipulation as to what you can spend it on.

How much is the Resettlement Grant?

Commissioned rank’s on AFPS 75 Resettlement Grant is £16,597.

Non-commissioned rank’s on AFPS 75 Resettlement Grant is £11,344.

All ranks on AFPS 05 and AFPS 15 Resettlement Grant is £11,651.

And remember, the Resettlement Grant is tax free.

If I am on AFPS 75/15 or AFPS 05/15, will I receive a Resettlement grant from both schemes?

No, you will only receive one Resettlement Grant.

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