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Government Delays Plan to Raise State Pension Age to 68

In December last year we reported that the State Pension Age (SPA) was again under review, and there was speculation that the rise in SPA could be increased sooner than planned.

According to reports today however, it seems that Government is to temporarily shelve plans to bring forward a rise in the state pension age. The reports state that this is due to

Falling life expectancy and fears of voter unhappiness

The Government is required by law to regularly review the state pension age and the SPA, currently 66, was set to rise to 68 from 2044. However, following the 2017 review the Government was inclined to accept the first independent report recommendations that the increase in the SPA to age 68 be brought forward by 7 years to 2037-2039.

Today, officials say that Ministers have decided to ‘delay making a decision until after the next general election’. This delay will undoubtedly be met with a sigh of relief from those who would have been affected, but we will confirm the situation once the Government makes a formal announcement

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