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Hugo Fletcher
By Hugo Fletcher
December 20, 2018
Forces Money Plan
We recently introduced our new partnership with Forces Moneyplan which offers a pro bono generic financial consultation to our members in the last newsletter and we subsequently published a bespoke newsletter letter concerning the launch of this service on 20 Nov.
This initiative has gone well with over 40 of you so far taking up the offer. However there has been a little confusion amongst some as to who does what. Basic rule is:
  • If you want to know about your Armed Forces pension, come to our pension advisory team in the normal way.
  • If you want free generic financial advice to understand the advantages/ disadvantages of different types of savings and investments, or how to build a financial plan for the future or simply have greater control of your routine finances (including debt) go to Forces Moneyplan and use the new offer.
  • If you want regulated financial advice – ie someone to advise on a particular course of action or to recommend or manage specific investments then you must go to a regulated Financial Adviser.
Finally, if you live abroad, Forces Moneyplan will still advise on generic matters in line with the above, but they cannot give tax advice relating to the specific country you live in. That you need to seek locally.
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