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Forces Pension Society Roadshow Programme

The pension needs of serving and retired members of the Forces and their families are as great today as they ever were in the 72 year history of FPS. And the efforts we make in helping ensure that our Members receive their proper pension entitlements and in campaigning against unfairness need to be sustained in these changing times.

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, our funding comes primarily from Members’ subscriptions. It follows that as we strive to achieve more for our Members, we must continue to increase our membership base – more Members make us more effective, and you can help by arranging a Unit Brief.

In 2008 we introduced a new resource enabling us to deliver group briefings across all three services in the UK and overseas. They last for approximately 60 minutes and describe our work and its value to serving and retired members of the Armed Forces and their dependants. The feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive and we regularly hear that the brief should be given to dependants too.

We deliver about 150 briefings each year and we’d like to hear from you with any suggestions for creating new briefing opportunities.

Please call Kate Goodchild on +44 (0) 7725 555 012  or email  who will be delighted to arrange a brief.

Below are the Roadshow Programme dates for 2018:

Numbers Attending
Subject Raised
Short Details
05/04/2018MPS RegimentARMYColchester
10/04/201823 ParaARMYWoodbridge
11/04/2018MGPS Pltn ComdrsArmyRAF Cranwell
12/04/2018Army Briefing ProgrammeArmyAldershot
13/04/20185 (AC) SqnRAFRAF Waddington
16/04/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
17/04/201847 Air Despatch SqnRAFRAF Brize Norton
18/04/2018Army Briefing ProgrammeARMYPrincess Royal Barracks Grantham
19/04/2018CTP NewarkTrI- SERVICENewark
19/04/2018Army Briefing ProgrammeARMYImphall Barracks York
20/04/2018HR Joint Admin UnitTRI- SERVICEColchester
21/04/2018Small Arms ConferenceARMYBrecon
23/04/2018Army Training CentreARMYPirbright
24/04/2018DE & S Air SupportRAFCambridge
25/04/2018HMS CollingwoodNavyFareham
26/04/2018Infantry Training CentreArmyCatterick
29/04/2018HQ Royal ArtilleryARMYWoolwich
30/04/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
01/05/2018Defence Diving TeamNavyHorsea Island
03/05/2018Royal Marine BandNavyPortsmouth
09/05/2018Officer Cadet BriefRAFRAF Cranwell
10/05/20182 LancsARMYPreston
14/05/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
15/05/201822 SASArmyHereford
15/05/2018Army Briefing ProgrammeArmyColchester
16/05/2018Band of the Coldstream GuardsArmyLondon
17/05/2018Army Briefing ProgrammeARMYTidworth
18/05/2018OTC CO's ConferenceARMYRMAS
21/05/2018RAF PersonnelRAFMOD Abbeywood
22/05/2018Late Entry Officers CourseARMYSandhurst
23/05/2018Army Briefing ProgrammeARMYDonnington
24/05/2018RSM Leadership CourseARMYWarminster
29/05/2018Wounded, Injured and SickNAVYPlymouth
29/05/2018OPLOGNAVYHMS Raleigh
04/06/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
05/06/2018Freshers FairRAFRAF Cranwell
06/06/2018Career Transition PartnershipTRI- SERVICEBristol
11/06/2018Community Support BriefRAFRAF Cranwell
14/06/2018MPGSRAFRAF Benson
18/06/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
19/06/2018Late Entry Officers CourseARMYSandhurst
19/06/20183 ScotsArmyInverness
20/06/201839 Regt REArmyKinloss
21/06/2018Overseas Base (tbc)TRI- SERVICECyprus
26/06/2018Household Cavalry BandARMYWindsor
03/07/2018Coldstream GuardsARMYWindsor
05/07/2018CTP Employment FairTri-ServiceChelmsford
10/07/20184 Royal ArtilleryARMYTopcliffe
16/07/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
19/07/2018RE's Troop Commanders CourseARMYCamberley
24/07/2018Late Entry Officers CourseARMYSandhurst
25/07/2018Maritime ReservesNavyPortsmouth
30/07/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
13/08/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
10/09/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
24/09/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
25/09/2018Late Entry Officers CourseARMYSandhurst
27/09/2018Career Transition PartnershipTRI- SERVICELeeds
01/10/2018Community Support BriefRAFRAF Cranwell
03/10/2018Officer Cadet BriefRAFRAF Cranwell
08/10/2018OPLOGNAVYHMS Raleigh
08/10/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
11/10/2018Career Transition PartnershipTRI- SERVICESouthampton
23/10/2018Late Entry Officers CourseARMYSandhurst
05/11/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
19/11/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
27/11/2018Late Entry Officers CourseARMYSandhurst
29/11/2018Career Transition PartnershipTRI- SERVICETelford
03/12/2018Leadership CoursesRAFRAF Halton
12/12/2018Officer Cadet BriefRAFRAF Cranwell