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Forces Pension Society Roadshow Programme

Helping serving members of the Armed Forces and their families to better understand their pension and encouraging them to take ownership of any related decisions is extremely important to us – and you don’t have to be a Member of the Society to attend one of our excellent Roadshow briefings!

Since 2008 we have been delivering group briefings across all three services in the UK and overseas. They last for approximately 60 minutes (including audience discussion) and describe our work and its value to serving and retired members of the Armed Forces and their dependants. The feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive.

We deliver about 150 briefings each year – we are in high demand and the number of briefings and locations covered are increasing as more and more of you discover the value they bring. We can brief to large ‘all ranks’ (including dependents) audiences, combined Officer and Warrant Officer and Sergeants’ Mess audiences, key career courses and the like. Most importantly, we tailor our brief to your audience.

Please call Kate Goodchild on +44 (0) 7725 555 012  or email  who will be delighted to arrange a brief.

Below is the current programme:

11/11/2019Royal Engineers - Troop CommandersArmyKate GoodchildCamberley
12/11/2019Royal Navy Intelligence Requirements ManagementRoyal NavyKate GoodchildRAF Wyton
13/11/2019HMS SultanRoyal NavyKate GoodchildPortsmouth
18/11/2019RAF Management LeadershipRoyal Air ForceKate GoodchildRAF Halton
19/11/2019Special Investigation BranchArmyKate GoodchildBulford
21/11/2019Royal Engineers PNCO Leadership & ManagementArmyKate GoodchildCamberley
26/11/2019LEOCArmyKate GoodchildRMAS
27/11/20197 Regt RLCArmyKate GoodchildCottesmore
27/11/20197th Infantry Brigade & HQ EastArmyKate GoodchildCottesmore
02/12/2019RAF Management LeadershipRoyal Air ForceKate GoodchildRAF Halton
09/12/2019Infantry Battle SchoolArmyKate GoodchildBrecon
11/12/2019Officer Cadet BriefRoyal Air ForceAndrew ScottRAF Cranwell
08/01/2020Joint Aircraft Recovery and Transportation SqnTri-ServiceKate GoodchildWiltshire
09/01/2020RAF High WycombeTri-ServiceKate GoodchildRAF High Wycombe
13/01/2020RAF Management LeadershipRoyal Air ForceKate GoodchildRAF Halton
15/01/2020House Hold Division Young OfficersArmyNeil MarshallCavalry & Guards Club London
20/01/2020LEOCArmyKate GoodchildRMAS
21/01/2020ICSC (M)Royal NavyTBCDefence Academy Shrivenham
27/01/2020RAF Management LeadershipRoyal Air ForceKate GoodchildRAF Halton
28/01/20202 AAC (Trg Regt)ArmyKate GoodchildMiddle Wallop
03/02/2020Army Generalship CourseArmyNeil MarshallDefence Academy Shrivenham
13/02/2020CTP - ManchesterTri-ServiceAndy StrawManchester
18/02/20203 RLC RegtArmyKate GoodchildDalton Barracks Oxfordshire
20/02/2020LEOCArmyKate GoodchildRMAS
24/02/2020Naval ILOC & PLCCRoyal NavyKate GoodchildWorthy Down
24/02/2020RAF Management LeadershipRoyal Air ForceKate GoodchildRAF Halton
26/02/2020Army Foundation CollegeArmyKate GoodchildHarrogate
26/02/2020603 SqnRoyal Air ForceTBCEdinburgh
26/02/2020Army School of Pipes and DrumsArmyTBCEdinburgh
06/03/2020CODCArmyNeil MarshallRMAS
09/03/2020RAF Management LeadershipRoyal Air ForceKate GoodchildRAF Halton
11/03/2020102 Logistic BrigadeArmyKate GoodchildPOW Barracks Grantham
17/03/2020ICSCArmyNeil MarshallDefence Academy Shrivenham
17/03/2020Royal Engineers - Troop CommandersArmyKate GoodchildGibraltar Barracks
19/03/2020Community Support CourseRoyal Air ForceTBCRAF Cranwell
23/03/2020LEOCArmyKate GoodchildRMAS
23/03/2020RAF Management LeadershipRoyal Air ForceKate GoodchildRAF Halton
26/03/2020CTP - NewburyTri-ServiceAndy StrawNewbury
06/04/2020ICSC (M)Royal NavyTBCDefence Academy Shrivenham
22/04/2020HCSCArmyNeil MarshallDefence Academy Shrivenham
24/04/2020Infantry Battle SchoolArmyKate GoodchildBrecon
25/04/2020Royal Naval AssociationRoyal NavyTBCPortsmouth
30/04/2020CTP - NewarkTri-ServiceAndy StrawNewark
18/05/2020LEOCArmyKate GoodchildRMAS
21/05/2020CTP - EdinburghTri-ServiceAndy StrawEdinburgh
11/06/2020Community Support CourseRoyal Air ForceTBCRAF Cranwell
06/11/2020CTP - BristolTri-ServiceAndy StrawBristol
18/06/2020LEOCArmyKate GoodchildRMAS
19/06/2020CODCArmyNeil MarshallRMAS
22/06/2020Naval ILOC & PLCCRoyal NavyKate GoodchildWorthy Down
02/07/2020CTP - NewmarketTri-ServiceAndy StrawNewmarket
07/07/2020ISCS (M)Royal NavyTBCDefence Academy Shrivenham
20/07/2020LEOCArmyKate GoodchildRMAS
21/07/2020ICSCArmyNeil MarshallDefence Academy Shrivenham
22/07/2020ACSCArmyNeil MarshallDefence Academy Shrivenham
10/09/2020CTP - Newcastle Upon TyneTri-ServiceAndy StrawNewcastle Upon Tyne
17/09/2020Community Support CourseRoyal Air ForceTBCRAF Cranwell
21/09/2020LEOCArmyKate GoodchildRMAS
08/10/2020CTP- SouthamptonTri-ServiceAndy StrawSouthampton
19/10/2020Naval ILOC & PLCCRoyal NavyKate GoodchildWorthy Down
22/10/2020LEOCArmyKate GoodchildRMAS
27/10/202012 Regiment RAArmyKate GoodchildThorney Island
23/11/2020LEOCArmyKate GoodchildRMAS
26/11/2020CTP - TelfordTri-ServiceAndy StrawTelford