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Forces Pension Society Roadshow Programme

The pension needs of serving and retired members of the Forces and their families are as great today as they ever were in the 72 year history of FPS. And the efforts we make in helping ensure that our Members receive their proper pension entitlements and in campaigning against unfairness need to be sustained in these changing times.

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, our funding comes primarily from Members’ subscriptions. It follows that as we strive to achieve more for our Members, we must continue to increase our membership base – more Members make us more effective, and you can help by arranging a Unit Brief.

In 2008 we introduced a new resource enabling us to deliver group briefings across all three services in the UK and overseas. They last for approximately 60 minutes and describe our work and its value to serving and retired members of the Armed Forces and their dependants. The feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive and we regularly hear that the brief should be given to dependants too.

We deliver about 150 briefings each year and we’d like to hear from you with any suggestions for creating new briefing opportunities.

Please call Kate Goodchild on +44 (0) 7725 555 012  or email  who will be delighted to arrange a brief.

Below are the Roadshow Programme dates for 2018:

29/08/18RoadshowRoyal Naval Leaderdership CourseHMS CollingwoodKate GoodchildRoyal Navy
04/09/18Roadshow1 RiflesChepstowKate GoodchildArmy
06/09/18RoadshowRAF BensonRAF BensonKate GoodchildRAF
07/09/18RoadshowConference of Naval AssociationsRoyal Maritime ClubHugo FletcherRoyal Navy
10/09/18CourseLeadership CoursesRAF HaltonKate GoodchildRAF
11/09/18RoadshowHousehold Cavalry BandWindsorKate GoodchildArmy
12/09/18Roadshow1 Signals RegtStaffordKate GoodchildArmy
18/09/18RoadshowDefence Medicine QE BirminghamBirminghamDenis MulhollandTri-Service
19/09/18Roadshow12 RAPortsmouthKate GoodchildArmy
20/09/18Roadshow77 Brigade - HermitageBerkshireKate GoodchildTri-Service
24/09/18CourseLeadership CoursesRAF HaltonKate GoodchildRAF
25/09/18CourseLEOCRMASKate GoodchildArmy
27/09/18StandCTP Employment FairLeedsAndrew StrawTri-Service
01/10/18RoadshowCommunity Support BriefRAF CranwellAndrew ScottRAF
03/10/18RoadshowNaval Institute SymposiumPortsmouthtbcRoyal Navy
03/10/18RoadshowOfficer Cadet BriefRAF CranwellAndrew ScottRAF
04/10/18RoadshowMPGS - Wellington BarracksLondonKate GoodchildArmy
08/10/18CourseLeadership CoursesRAF HaltonKate GoodchildRAF
09/10/18RoadshowShip CompanyTorpointKate GoodchildRoyal Navy
09/10/18CourseOPLOGPlymouthKate GoodchildRoyal Navy
10/10/18RoadshowJoint Services Signal UnitCyprusKate GoodchildTri-Service
10/10/18Roadshow1 Royal AngliansCyprusKate GoodchildArmy
11/10/18StandCTP Employment FairSouthamptonAndrew StrawTri-Service
11/10/18Roadshow847 Naval Air Squadron Fleet Air ArmRNAS YeoviltonKate GoodchildRoyal Navy
11/10/18Roadshow2 Mercian BnCyprusKate GoodchildArmy
11/10/18RoadshowRAF AkrotiriCyprusKate GoodchildRAF
12/10/18RoadshowWolfreton SolicitorsHMS DrakeHugo FletcherCharity
23/10/18CourseLEOCRMASKate GoodchildArmy
24/10/18RoadshowMPGS - Wellington BarracksLondonKate GoodchildArmy
30/10/18StandFreshers FairRAF CranwellAndrew ScottRAF
02/11/18CourseGSICRMAStbc Army
05/11/18CourseLeadership CoursesRAF HaltonKate GoodchildRAF
19/11/18CourseLeadership CourseRAF HaltonKate GoodchildRAF
27/11/18CourseLEOCRMASKate GoodchildArmy
29/11/18StandCTP Employment FairTelfordAndrew StrawTri-Service
03/12/18CourseLeadership CoursesRAF HaltonKate GoodchildRAF
12/12/18CourseOfficer Cadet BriefRAF CranwellAndrew ScottRAF